Saturday, 20 May 2017


 So today is my another day as a jobless fresh graduate. I kinda bored and not so comfortable with the title I hold for almost 4 months since I graduated from my college. Everyone needs a job (at least) to feel lively. However, being jobless means you have more time for yourself. More time to think or to do unfinished dream that you hold long ago. My unfinished dream is to watch movies over and over again. Too bad that my hard disk was broken and I'm having problem in wasting my time with the movies LOL! 

 Talking about dream, my real dream is to have a garden house. Every morning, I'll have a mug of hot coffee or maybe hot chocolate with chocolate chip cookies. It is not so worrying if I don't have a husband because I love living by my own. I have friends. My very best friends know my situation. At noon, I'll have my buttery scrambled eggs and toast breads. At night, I prefer juices. Strawberry or blueberry. I will have lots of books to read. Once I finished, I'll donate them to the library. 

 We always have that fairy tale story that we hope to change it into reality. Mine? not yet. Will be, one day. A life without sadness. Freedom in happiness. Teaching successfully. Giving new hope to other people. I wish that my life could be happier and livelier. Insha Allah. One day.

A Proud Loner.