Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Story #1 SHOES

After so many times creating more than one account for my blog, I decided to start writing (I mean really start writing). So, the topic that I chose to write about for my first entry, entitled SHOES. I had a serious, deep conversation with my friends (tell me when I'm not) about the different ways of life that we chose. Well, different people have different personality. Lesson number 1 that I've learnt from my 23 years of my beautiful and painful life. I do not know why, but people always have a problem in making the discussion become relax and leisure when they started the conversation with me ( trust me, I don't even know why!). I was so impressed with one and only friend who could blend in my conversation ( this is because, there are so many people felt annoyed with me: as mentioned by Hassan Basri). Her name is Safiah. We know each other but we are not that close, at first. She is not in my BFFFFF list (not anymore, Safi!). She started to introduce about the types of personality that a human have in them (Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic and Sanguine).

According to her, I am a Choleric type of person. My trademark is, IT IS EITHER MY WAY OR NO WAY. Well, I could not deny that since it happens almost all the time and I don't blame myself for that. So, Why is it so important for me to tell you about the personality and what's the connection between it and my title for this entry? 

Since I've started to learn and almost master in knowing other people's personality through the observation, I could understand them more. It feels like putting myself in their shoes (okay we are getting closer to the title!). Safiah knows me well. I mean she saw me during my worst in the past and the new-born me. I know how it feels like not to be understood by other people. It hurts. However, the wound heals even though it may leaves the scar/s. You would not feel the pain if you could understand the meaning of life. Have you heard this phrase before?: To be understood by other people, you first, must understand the people. Well, you can't expect people to understand you. They are not living in the same life as yours. 

Take the shoes as an example. We have different types of shoes that categorized differently. Leather, flat, heels, ballet and etc. We also have different sizes of shoes. Some may be small. Some may be medium or large. We could not fit into the other people's shoes if we have different size than theirs. Even if we have the same size, the feeling, the level of comfortableness will not reach your perception. 

 As in life. we have different ways of fulfilling our life. Our backgrounds may be differ from the others. Even though we have the same story, the plot will still never be the same. My chapter one of life will never be the same as yours. The script is totally different. Our job is not to change the script. Let it be. We just need to read and understand other people's script so that we would not not make early judgment and give them punishment for our misunderstanding about their life. Try to put yourself in their situation. If you could understand, that would be great! You could help them. If not, keep reading until you understand. 

How could you know the ending without knowing how it starts, at first?

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